I Am Your Daughter is a short film that reanimates the dynamics of my mother’s and my current relationship. Our acts of care to each other alongside the ever-present tension that arises with me having to remind her that I am her daughter. She rubs my cheek to comfort my sore tooth, while I braid her hair and take her on walks around the neighborhood; the film ends with us dancing and singing her favorite songs before I get her ready for the day.

This is My Mom. Her Name is Denise. is a short film about my mother from 1994 to the present day that is captioned with my childhood writings about my mother that echo the phrase “This is My Mom. Her Name is Denise.” to highlight the different ways my mother has existed to me.

While I was going through the photographic archive, I noticed that some of my mom and I’s memories were water-based; mainly due to our trips to Jamaica, but we would also go to the beach in Florida once in a while.

My mom would always be wrapped up in this white blanket around the house, so it’s very connected to my memory of her prior to now. In Mommy's Blanket, I imagine the blanket as an extension of her as I recreate one of my happier memories of her.